Why does the sharing power bank increase using quantity after the rental price rise up?
Column:Product News Time:2019-11-09
more and more people need power bank to charge their
mobile phone when gone out .

In the financial statements of Anker box at last year, the revenue reached 800 million yuan, of which the net profit was as high as 37 million. This is the first financial statement that power bank has achieved profitability, followed by major brands that have announced profitability. Today, the sharing power bank began to collectively increase prices, but with the increase in prices, the number of users also rise up day by day.


Why is this happening? The most important thing is the influence of WeChat and Alipay. With the full launch of the waiver, some of the previous unreliable deposits are now being used, and users do not have to download the app. It provides convenience to customers when they need it.


Secondly, sharing power bank cooperate with these shops, affecting the habits of most people. For the merchants to put the sharing power bank rental station in the store, some people borrow the power bank, the store is a dividend, and some shared power banks even can help make a Ad function. For the user, it is very convenient for the user to rent and return.