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Column:Product News Time:2019-10-28
Power bank rental project can get the investment cost in half year around

Shared power bank rental station manufacturer---Shenzhen Liliangwei Technology Co.,Ltd

Why will Power Bank Rentalbusiness survive for long time?

Nowadays, many people have already given up their own power bank to go out. One reason is inconvenient, and second reason is to occupy the place in your bag or pocket. Therefore, when the mobile phone is out of power, scanning the code and borrowing a shared power bank, it is has become the habit of most people. Shared power bank can be borrowed everywhere, street shops or shopping malls have power bank rental station machines, it is much easier than you can carry a power bank at any time, the key is still cheap. At present, all marketing operators already have raised few charges per hours ,so these operators can quickly return to the investment cost, and greatly shortening the return period.


Recently, many brands of shared power bank rental service have raised their prices. The hourly usage price of the shared power bank need pay 3 RMB/hour. Ago charges standard of “free fee for first 1 hour, then 1 RMB per hour, one day maximum charges is 10RMB”. They have a big difference from start to now . According to the Xinhuawang report,  It is generally 2RMB and 3 RMB, and some cases of up to 5 RMB and 8 RMB per hour have begun to appear.


As the leading manufacturer of the sharing power bank rental station industry, 4, 6, and 12 machines are selling well at China and foreign countries, and has won great praise. The company holds the concept of customer-centered, quality first, Provided a good service. Shenzhen Liiliangwei Technology Co.,Ltd are warmly welcome to visit Our factory.

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