2022 leading enterprise of shared power bank-Liliangwei

Column:Company news Time:2022-08-01
Why can it become the leader in the shared power bank industry.

  Since its establishment in 2008, Liliangwei has been deeply involved in the battery industry, starting with mobile lithium batteries and gradually turning to mobile power supplies.

  Our company is among the best in R & D patents and soft books. It has obtained more than 50 patents for invention, utility model and appearance. It has won high praise from nearly 100 customers in the world, and its product stability and foresight are at the forefront of the industry.

  Why can Liliangwei sharing power bank become a leading enterprise?

  1.Independent research and development, each channel of the cabinet and the charging treasure are independent of each other, 

and the base and the charging treasure are set with independent and unique IDs, which can identify and track, data analysis, and a necessary weapon in the era of big data.

  2.PC end background, visual data analysis, support PC end management and control, and have more powerful functions.

  3.Globally customizable, sharing without borders.Support multi-national customized languages, network systems, and sharing of payment methods without national boundaries.