What is the business mode of shared power bank?
Column:Product News Time:2020-04-03
Lease sale ratio of rental power bank

What is the business mode of shared power bank?

Let's take a look at the super rental-sales ratio.

What is the lease sale ratio?

The lease sale ratio is the ratio of rental price to sales price.

There are some special categories in business, that is, the price of the product itself is not high, but the frequency of use is particularly high.

Then, the single-use price × frequency of use will result in a particularly high rental income, which achieves the "super lease sale ratio".

These special categories can recover costs in a short period of time.

For example, such as the power bank we mentioned.

The cost of power bank is very low, and the operating cost is about 100 yuan.

If it can be used 4 times a day, and it costs 1 yuan per use, then it will earn 4 yuan per day.

The cost of this external battery can be recovered in 25 days.

The power bank has a service life of at least 1 year, so it has a "super lease-sale ratio".


What determines the rent-sale ratio in the industry?

There are about three factors.

First, power bank cost.

The cost of power bank is about 60 yuan. If wholesale, it may only cost 50 yuan.

Second, Lifetime.

The service life of the power bank is about 3 years. To say the worst, it can also be used for one or two years.

Third, using frequency.

Power bank is used 2-3 times a day, the worst should be 1 time.

Let's calculate the balance now:

The best case: 50 yuan of power bank, 3 years, 3 times a day, the cost of each use is: 40 yuan ÷ 3 years ÷ 365 days ÷ 3 times = 0.015 yuan.

The Worst case: 60 yuan of power bank, used for 1 year, once a day, the cost of each use is: 50 yuan ÷ 1 year ÷ 365 days ÷ 1 time = 0.164 yuan.

Then the single-use cost of a shared external battery is between 0.015 and 0.162 yuan.

The rent for each use is 2 yuan, now it is 3 yuan, 5 yuan, or even 8 yuan.

In fact, in each industry , because the cost of itself, life cycle, and using times are different, there will be a specific lease-sale ratio in this industry.


Since the shared power bank is in line with the super lease sale ratio business, it can also be profitable according to our rough calculation formula.